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Our Core Products

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Insecticides are chemicals used to control insects by killing them or preventing them from engaging in undesirable or destructive behaviors. They are classified based on their structure and mode of action.

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Fungicides in powdered form are usually around 90% sulfur and are very toxic. Other active ingredients in fungicides include neem oil, rosemary oil, jojoba oil, the bacterium Bacillus subtilis, and the beneficial fungus Ulocladium oudemansii.

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Herbicides are used to control undesirable vegetation. Herbicide application occurs most frequently in row-crop farming, where they are applied before or during planting to maximize crop productivity by minimizing other vegetation.

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About Synergy

We are one of the fastest-growing Agrochemical Companies.

We are one of the fastest-growing Agrochemical Companies started with an intention to provide quality Agrochemical solutions to the farmers.

Synergy Insecticides Pvt Ltd has two manufacturing facilities one located in Chalmatti and the other in Gamanagatti Industrial Area which is spread across an area of 3 acres having state of Art facilities for different kinds of formulations, with complete automation of all the processes.

We manufacture all kinds of pesticides which include Insecticides, Fungicides, and Herbicides in various formulations namely SL, EC, SC WP, and WDG.

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Synergy Insecticides Pvt. Ltd.

We feel proud for having served the farming community in Karnataka for over 25 years by providing high-yielding premium quality seeds and offering efficient storage solutions to minimize post-harvest losses through our reliable chain of Agro – Warehousing facilities.

Now, with a view to provide holistic Agricultural solutions to our farmers we foray into the field of manufacturing Agrochemicals.

We have a committed team of people working meticulously to make sure that the formulations are done accurately to the standards so that we are able to deliver standard and quality products to our farmer’s reasonable prices. We look forward to provide a better life to our farmers.

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Holistic Agricultural Solutions

To strive for the delightment of our customers by offering qualitatively and quantitatively accurate products by adapting to the latest technologies, developing a strong network of stakeholders, and focusing on efficient and exclusive new products(solutions).

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Offering Qualitative & Quantitative Products

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